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9 mistakes I made in my first year of blogging

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2 weeks ago
Caroline Muller
I love working with these presets. They have taken my edting to the next level and have helped me grow my Instagram account. One click - easy to use and it is actually possible to achieve the result you see on the after picture (unlike many other preset-packs that are out on the market). The sheer variety that is offered in this pack is wonderful, it ensures your are able to convey many different moods with your images. Highly recommend the preset pack, you will not be disappointed.
2 weeks ago
So I have actually bought a couple presets from various Instagram travel bloggers. What I really love about these is that each preset is fairly different from another. I feel like with other presets you wind up with half of them being too similar to another preset in the pack. It basically means you got half of what you paid for. I have not used the desktop presets yet but I have used the mobile. These really do an amazing job of upping the game on your photos without distorting color. I find myself editing way less after I’ve used the preset than when I use others. This is a really nice round up of presets to use, and honestly the price is very affordable compared to others. I’ve been using these on my recent travels to the Amazon and Peru feel free to check them out @wander_m.aven
2 months ago
(verified owner)
They are amazing!

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