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Jordan was the first country I ever visited in the Middle East and I would go back in a heartbeat! People are kind, food is delicious and the culture and history are that kind of marvellous that you’ll often have to pinch yourself to know you’re not dreaming.

It’s also the ideal country to go on a road trip cause the most famous sites are spread throughout the country and public transportation is not very reliable.

The most famous landmarks and tourist attractions are of course Petra and Wadi Rum but Jordan also has some stunning hidden gems such as Jerash and Wadi Mujib.

In spite of what people may think Jordan can be a pretty expensive country to travel around and prices are comparable to those of a Western European country.

From floating in the Dead Sea to hiking through a river canyon. Or from driving through the buzzing crowds in Amman to bumping along the sand dunes in a 4×4 in Wadi Rum. Jordan pretty much has it all, wether you’re looking for a more relaxing trip or a real adventure. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be blown away by this incredible country.


The best time to visit Jordan is during Spring and Autumn in the months of April, May, September and October. During these months the days are dry and warm but not so sizzling hot as during the Summer months.

The weather is nice enough during the day to go hiking and wildflowers start blooming as well! Especially if you want to discover most of Petra on foot this is the ideal time to go. Do know that this also means that hotels and tours can book up fast so you might want to make reservations from well before.



Language – The official language in Jordan is Arabic but a lot of people in the more touristic places also speak English. Learning some key Arabic phrases like hello (mer-ha-ba) and thank you (shok-ran) will go a long way.

Currency – The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar and 1JOD is the equivalent of €1,43.

Credit cards & ATM’s – You’ll find ATM’s at the airport and at the bank offices in the bigger cities but not so much in the more rural areas such as Wadi Rum and Wadi Mujib. Make sure to carry enough cash on you cause Credit Cards aren’t always accepted.

Safety – I traveled through Jordan together with a girlfriend and we felt perfectly safe the entire time. We hired a car near the airport and did a road trip throughout the entire country without any problems. The only place where you have to be careful as a woman is in Petra. Typical here are the so called romance scams where young bedouins promise eternal love to a more “lonely looking” woman but the entire thing is a scam to extort money.


Don’t drink tap water – Make sure to only drink bottled water to avoid getting sick.

The 5 minutes rule – Punctuality is not really a thing in Jordan and this is one of the main reasons why public transport is pretty much a disaster. Busses don’t have fixed timetables and only leave once they’re full.

Meat vs. Vegetarian – There are a couple of delicious options for vegetarians but most dishes do come with meat.

Jordan Pass – I highly recommend getting the Jordan Pass before you leave for your trip. It saves you a $25 fee to get into the country and includes your entrance to Petra and other touristic attractions as well.

Dresscode – Jordan is a rather conservative country so make sure not to wear anything too revealing. I usually stick to flowy midi and maxi dresses combined with All Stars or sandals.

Jordan is more than Petra – Don’t be scared to wander off the beaten path and explore some lesser known places. Of course Petra has to be on your bucket list but it’s not the only beautiful place in Jordan as you’ll see in my travel guides below!


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