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A couple of years ago I saw a picture of Oman for the very first time and its beauty immediately sparked my interest. Here was a beautiful country in the Middle East that wasn’t completely discovered yet by tourism and still felt like an authentic experience.

Turns out I was completely right. Three years later I jumped on a plane with my mom and the two of us went on an epic road trip around Oman.

From hiking in the mountains to exploring ancient forts and villages to relaxing at a 5 star resort and running down sand dunes. Oman pretty much has it all and is one of the best places in the Middle East to go on an adventurous road trip.

I would say that one week is plenty of time to explore Oman if you’re a fast paced traveler like me and you don’t mind sleeping in a different hotel every night. If this is not your cup of tea I would go for either 10 or 14 days.

Do keep in mind that Oman is a Muslim country and that as a woman you will have to adjust your dresscode. This means cover your shoulder and your knees when you’re out and about.

Within these guides you’ll find my exact road trip itinerary that took some meticulous planning to put together and extensive research. It includes some of the more known places but I always try to include more hidden gems that are off the beaten path.

One of the best things about exploring Oman is that it’s still relatively undiscovered by tourism. When you’re exploring the forts for instance there will only be a handful of other people there and often you’ll have a place all to yourself.



Oman is the perfect destination to escape those winter blues in the Northern hemisphere of the world.

The best time to visit this desert country is from October through March when the temperature is warm (between 17°C and 35°C) but not too hot so you would miss out on a lot of activities. These months see little to no rainfall, making it an ideal time for enjoying outdoor events

Of course this also means that it’s high season which means flight prices will be expensive and hotel rates will go up. I found hotels in Oman on the more expensive side, especially when you’re staying in the more remote areas. So make sure to book well in advance if you’re planning your holiday to Oman!

Definitely avoid the summer months from June to August cause by then the temperature will be scorching hot and all you can do is stay inside an air conditioned building. Not ideal when planning an adventurous road trip!

The only exception is if you’re visiting Salalah. This beautiful region is located in the very south of Oman and is known for its many water falls. The winter season here is very dry and this region’s high season is actually from June to August.



Language – The official language of Oman is Arabic but English is also commonly spoken. Other languages spoken by immigrants are Baluchi, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese and many more! 

Currency – The official currency in Oman is Omani Rial with 1OMR equalling 2.41EUR. Money exchange shops in Oman buy and sell all major currencies. Shops in Oman will not accept Dollars or Euros, even the touristy ones.

Credit Cards & ATM’s – We never had to take out cash when we were in Oman. So if you’re following our exact itinerary you won’t have to either. We tried to take out cash at an ATM in Muscat but somehow the ATM’s only accepted VISA.

Safety – Oman is one of the safest countries in the world. Street crimes practically do not exist. There are no pickpockets or scam artists in any of the markets of Oman. As a woman I always felt at ease as well and was never catcalled either.

Plugs – For Oman the associated plug type is G, which is the plug that has three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Oman operates on a 240V supply voltage and 50Hz.



Don’t drink tap water – Make sure to only drink bottled water to avoid getting sick.

Dresscode – Oman is a Muslim country so make sure to cover your shoulders and knees.

Hit the road – Oman is the perfect country to go on a road trip! The roads are in excellent state but do be aware of all the speed and red light camera’s.

Expect a dry trip – And I don’t just mean weather wise. Chances of rain are very unlikely in Oman but alcohol is also very difficult to come by. They’ll serve it at the bigger hotels but otherwise you’ll have to turn to water, soda’s or mocktails.

Pack your swimsuit – Even if your hotels don’t come with a pool you should definitely pack a swimsuit. There are a ton of wadi’s dotted around Oman where you can swim during the day. Do know that as a woman you’ll have to wear a t-shirt and shorts on top of your bathing suit.

Weekends in Oman – Good to know is that the weekend in Oman is on Friday and Saturday. Friday is the muslim holy day and you can also expect a lot more locals at tourist attrations during these days.



When it comes to renting a car in Oman you should definitely rent a 4×4 car. This way you can access all of the most beautiful places in the mountains such as Jebel Shams and Jabal Akhdar.

When it comes to choosing a rental car company things can get a little confusing cause there’s a lot of companies out there ready to rip you off.

Horror Story: In South Africa the rental car company that I booked with actually copied my credit card details and 1 day later my card was blocked. So there I was, in the middle of South Africa and without a credit card. Luckily we would switch to a different company the next day for the further duration of our trip but you really don’t want this to happen on your holiday.

You also don’t want any hidden costs added to your bill.

A good rental car company should include the following in your rental price: unlimited mileage and a fair fuel arrangement, third-party insurance of at least €7.5 million, damage insurance, theft insurance, towing cost if your car breaks down and cancel or change your reservation without any hassle.

For my road trips I always prefer booking with SunnyCars. Here you can already rent a car for as little as €27 per day and every single cost is included upon check out. Oh, and all of the things that I mentioned above that should be included are also included with them!

💡 TIP – Sometimes the local rental company will try to make you pay for additional insurance. This is in no way necessary cause SunnyCars offers you full coverage.


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