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A road trip is a fabulous way to explore a new country, or even better, several new countries! One day you can be cruising through the Dolomites and the next you’re strolling through the beautiful city of Venice. When you’re going on a road trip the possibilities are endless!

But my absolute favorite part about going on a road trip is the flexibility that you have. You can start by planning a rough itinerary but at the same time you don’t always need to book your accommodation a lot in advance. Especially if you’re traveling in a shoulder season like Spring or Fall. This way you can still switch up your schedule if the weather turns out bad in a certain area and you can literally chase the good weather.


STEP 1 – I start by deciding on which countries I want to visit and what the pace of this road trip will be. Do I want to stay several days in the same place or do I want to hop from one place to another. I usually prefer the second option because I love a change of scenery.

STEP 2 – I start researching places that I want to see on my road trip. For most of my research I use Pinterest and Instagram. I create a separate folder on both platforms and save all of the images of the places that I want to visit.

STEP 3 – I research where all of these places are and as soon as I’ve found the location I go to Google Maps, type in the location and save it to my favorites.

STEP 4 – After adding all of the places to Google Maps I then divide them into two categories: “places that I absolutely have to see” and “nice to haves”. This last category are places that are still high on my list but if necessary I can also skip them without feeling too much remorse afterwards.

STEP 5 – I can now clearly see which places are located close together and which can be combined in 1 day.


When it comes to choosing a rental car company things can get a little confusing cause there’s a lot of companies out there ready to rip you off.

Horror Story: In South Africa the rental car company that I booked with actually copied my credit card details and 1 day later my card was blocked. So there I was, in the middle of South Africa and without a credit card. Luckily we would switch to a different company the next day for the further duration of our trip but you really don’t want this to happen on your holiday.

You also don’t want any hidden costs added to your bill.

A good rental car company should include the following in your rental price: unlimited mileage and a fair fuel arrangement, third-party insurance of at least €7.5 million, damage insurance, theft insurance, towing cost if your car breaks down andcancel or change your reservation without any hassle.

For my road trips I always prefer booking with SunnyCars. Here you can already rent a car for as little as €27 per day and every single cost is included upon check out. Oh, and all of the things that I mentioned above that should be included are also included with them!

💡 TIP – Sometimes the local rental company will try to make you pay for additional insurance. This is in no way necessary causeSunnyCars offers you full coverage.


  • Sunglasses – Nobody likes squinting their eyes while driving. It’s painful on your eyes and can also be very dangerous!
  • Driver’s license – Always make sure you have a valid driver’s license on you. In a lot of countries you need an international one to be able to rent a car.
  • Travel pillow – Gotta stay comfortable in that passenger seat. If I go on a road trip with my own car I usually just bring my own pillow.
  • Roadside Emergency Kit – This car emergency kit contains Battery Booster Cables, 2 Light Sticks, Reflective Vest, Emergency Rain Poncho, Warning triangle, whistle, Tire Pressure Gauge, Window Breaker etc. This all in one kit has you covered for any possible eventuality.
  • Spare Money – In some places cash is still king and you might need it to be for parking or road tolls
  • Phone Charger/USB cord – Using your phone to navigate and play music at the same time can drain your battery. Plug it in the USB-charger of your car to stay connected.
  • Portable Wifi – If you don’t have great roaming options with your service provider this can keep you connected without breaking the bank.
  • Blanket – Perfect for those early mornings or late evening when you want to take a cosy nap on the passenger seat.
  • UV Window Shade – For when driving down the Highway with the sun on one side.
  • Back Pack – You’ll want to bring a back pack with you to carry your camera, some snacks and your refillable water bottle. I love the Kanken No. 2 back pack from Fjallraven and pretty much take it with me everywhere I go.
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Protein Bars – Make sure you have a couple of these stowed a way in your back pack to boost up your energy level during long drives.
  • Plastic Bag – You don’t want your car to look like a garbage belt during your road trip.
  • Car Cooler – To keep yur drinks and water cool on a warm Summer’s day.



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