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Traveling Uzbekistan is not on many people their bucket list, in fact entire Central Asia is often left off that particular list.

And honestly, it’s a big, big shame! Cause thy don’t call Uzbekistan the jewel of the silk road for nothing!

Here you’ll walk through old cities, that look more like open air museums, than actual cities. In some places it looks like time stood still but on the other hand did the government invest a ton of money into public transportation. Due to that fact the world is slowly getting to know this wonderful country.

Due to the fact that tourism is still low the locals are some of the most welcoming people that I have ever met! There’s a bit of a language barrier for sure but if won’t be a problem if you follow these guides!

Uzbekistan is known for its turquoise cities. No matter where you go you’ll be able to spot at least one turquoise dome in the distance. Wether it’s a palace, a madrassa or a temple… Every meaningful building in Uzbekistan is covered in mosaics which reflect over a thousand different shades of blue when the sunlight hits them.

Once you enter the old city walls you’ll be mesmerized by the vibrant colors, the incredible architecture and especially the hospitality of the locals.


The best time to travel to Uzbekistan is from April until October. Outside of these months the temperatures drop immensely. We traveled to Uzbekistan at the end of October and start of November and I honestly don’t recommend it to anyone. Our toes were freezing off and we were wearing 3 layers of clothing and thermal underwear the entire time.

On the other hand you’ll also want to avoid the months of June, July and August cause temperatures get crazy hot and can go up to 40°C/ 104°F.

So the best month for good weather which isn’t either melting your face off or freezing your toes the months of April, May and September are your best option! These months temperatures will range from 14°C to 26°C/ 57°F- 87°F.


Language – There are two main languages spoken in Uzbekistan and that’s Uzbek and Russian. But in most popular tourist spots people do speak some basic English so you’ll be able to communicate at a certain level. There might be an English speaking local here and there but for most of the time people only speak either Uzbek or Russian. Restaurants do often come with a menu that has an English translation.

Currency – The currency in Uzbekistan is Uzbekistan Sum where €1 is about 12 237 UZS. Cash is still king in this country so make sure to take out enough money.

Credit Cards & ATM’s – The biggest problem in Uzbekistan is their non working ATM’s. While there are plenty of them spread out in all of the cities that I mention in these guides. You’ll often find yourself frustrated cause none of them seem to work or have any money left in them. The biggest tip I can give you is to withdraw all of your cash money at the airport terminal after you land. If you would find yourself without money at one point try the ATM’s at bigger hotels and shopping malls. They also tend to work better than the once on the street!

Safety – Uzbekistan is a very safe country to travel to, also if you’re a solo female traveler. Petty crime such as pickpocketing doesn’t happen here and it’s safe to walk around on your own.


Don’t drink tap water – Just like with many other countries in Asia it’s best not to drink from the tap water in Uzbekistan. It’s highly recommended to use bottled water and make sure to eat well cleaned and hot cooked food.

What to wear as a woman – Uzbekistan is a lot more liberal than you might think and women simply tend to wear whatever they want. Only when you enter a mosque you’ll need to cover your head with a scarf. So no, you don’t need to dress like a muslim woman when visiting Uzbekistan. Simply pack a couple of dresses that cover your shoulders and knees for when you visit a more sacred place such as a mosque or mausoleum.

Uzbekistan is cheap – Uzbekistan is a crazy cheap country to travel to. You’ll rarely spend more than €10 on drinks and dinner, even if you go to one of the more fancy restaurants. It’s very easy to stick to a budget in Uzbekistan!

Book your hotels in time – A lot of the hotels in Uzbekistan are either very dated or “ugly” modernized. But there are a couple of incredible hotels that are less dated and in beautiful traditional old buildings. my favorites are : Komil Bukhara Boutique Hotel in Bukhara, L’Argamak in Samarkand and the Orient Star Khiva Hotel in Khiva which is located in an old Madrassa!

Bread and meat – Unfortunately the options for a vegan or vegetarian are very, very limited in Uzbekistan. Often dinner will consist of bread and meat or meat in bread. But you won’t find a lot of veggies on your plate that’s for sure. They also serve a lot of soup but they usually also contain chunks of meat. So as a vegetarian you’ll often be bound to eating a cold salad.




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